Pastor Mark’s Devotions, May 15


“When the wheat sprouted and formed heads, then the weeds also appeared.” Mt. 13:26

Last weekend, I was weeding a flowerbed in the front yard. The ground on the one side of the bed was hard and dry. It was so hard, that I became more and more frustrated, trying to dig them out at their root. I was hot, miserable, upset and irritated at the whole job. Thoughts whisked through my head that maybe I should just go ahead and sell this stupid place. After hours of laboring and toiling in the heat, I finally finished weeding half of that pesky flowerbed and gave up. The following day, I began pulling weeds on the opposite side of the flowerbed. Those weeds were as thick as thieves. But I discovered that the ground on this side of the flowerbed was soft and moist. The weeds pulled out with such ease, that it was crazy. I hate to say it, but I almost felt like I was having fun – ALMOST! I couldn’t believe the difference experience from the day before. What made the difference? MULCH! As I began to work my way around the flowerbed, I remembered what happened the year before. I ran out of mulch half way around that bed. The difference was amazing. One side I could run my fingers through the soil. The other side, hard as rock!

Now, just because I put down the mulch didn’t mean that I would not have weeds in my face. Actually, more grew in that area. But when it came to pulling them out, the work was so easy, and so satisfying.

During this time of isolation, our hearts can become kind of hard. Remember to throw down some mulch. And even when we tend to our hearts and relationships, it doesn’t mean that we won’t face weeds. Those pesky seeds will find a way into our soil one way or another. But the blessing in the preparation and the tending is in the removal. Weeds are able to be removed from a tender heart with ease. But wait until that heart is hard and crusty, good luck –  let the frustration begin! The weed breaks off every time.

Jesus told many parables about the Kingdom of God using the example of weeds. I wonder if he could have used this one? He told a parable about various soil conditions as well. In Luke 8, Jesus tells of hardpan, rocky, thorny and good soil. The good soil, represents the soft heart toward God that 1. Hears God’s Word. 2. Receives God’s Word. And 3. Perseveres in God’s Word.

In my little parable, I would add that not only in good soil does God’s Word flourish. But in good soil, the weeds are also easy to pull out. I would encourage you to give it a try. Tend to your heart. Throw down some mulch and allow your heart to become soft and responsive. Then see when those weeds of irritation and disappointment pop up, how easily they are pulled out.

God’s Spirit is the mulch to cover the barren ground of our heart. When God’s Spirit is worked into our soil, everything is easier.

So, I’ve decided not to sell my house. And yes, I still have more weeds to pull. But I’m not going to worry about that now. I have some other mulch to lay down. A friend invited me to play golf. It’s Friday afternoon. The tee time is in 32 minutes. The weeds can wait. Time to soften up the soil. With masks on of course. Have a great day.

God Bless!  Pastor Mark