Our Saviour’s Lutheran Preschool





Welcome and Thank you for visiting
Our Saviour’s Lutheran Preschool!
We are so excited to announce we have opened another classroom for our Preschool! This allows us to offer more classes! Make sure to check out all the new things happening next year on our Registration page!
Our Mission-
Our Saviour’s Lutheran Preschool provides a loving and accepting educational environment that is appropriate to the developmental needs of young children. We believe that each child is a child of God and should have every opportunity to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually to their fullest potential.


We are dedicated to providing the best possible Christian education for your child. Our curriculum is designed to:

                     -encourage the joy of learning

                     -develop the skills necessary to follow a routine

                     -develop both large and small muscle coordination

                     -promote healthy social interaction

                     -stimulate intellectual development                  

                     -nurture your child’s self-esteem

                     -foster independence

                    -develop your child’s faith in God