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Landscape Plan and Fellowship Hall Entryway Remodel Update
Update on 9/13: The final grade of the courtyard and drive through is complete. Forms have been constructed for the sign base, bench, narthex steps, and street side curb. The first pour will likely happen on Monday. Next are sidewalks. From that point, form construction and concrete pours will continue for the next couple of weeks. The parking lot grading is scheduled for the second week of October. Paving, weather permitting, will follow soon thereafter. The main components of the landscape plan should be complete before the end of October. The new sign has been ordered and will take about 3 months to arrive. While Dan is gone Karim, Steve Stogner, and Jerry Crofoot will manage the project. 
(Earlier update below:)

Landscape plan and fellowship hall entry remodel update 8/24 – the new glulam beam is in place and work is underway on the landscape part of the plan.  The existing surface layers have been removed in preparation for the new courtyard and landscape areas.  Once the prep work is complete, the concrete sidewalks and courtyard installation can begin.  And once the concrete is finished,  then the grading and paving of the parking lot will begin and complete Phase 1 of the project.  The timeline for all of this is fluid, but expectations are that it will all be completed no later than the first week in October.  As with any large project, there are unknowns and surprises that pop up each day.  But the construction team discusses the issue, comes up with a solution, and the work moves forward. 


As expected, access to the church building has been hampered with the only entries being the east fellowship doors in the alley behind the church, the north Cascade entry, the north narthex door, and the kitchen door.  As construction progresses through the various phases further adjustments to parking and entry into the church will be needed. For those with mobility issues a temporary ADA ramp has been installed at the east fellowship doors in the alley. For now parking is available across the street, or at the north end of the church on 272nd Place NW, or in the east end of the gravel parking lot with access off 271st via the easement or the north entrance to the alley behind the church. Stay tuned and please be flexible and patient.  The end result will be worth it all. 

Concrete is scheduled to be completed by the first week in October.