Meet the Teachers

mrs. McCall
Jaimi McCall
OSLP Director
4 year old Teacher
Mrs. McCall grew up in Stanwood and
attended this Preschool! She has been married for almost 25 years and has 3 grown children! 
She enjoys gardening, reading, traveling and spending time with her family!
Mrs. McCall began teaching Preschool back in 2006. She is also the Director of the Preschool. She has taught all ages but teaching 4 year olds is what she loves most! 
Marie Breum
5 year old Teacher

Mrs. Breum grew up in a small farming community in E. Washington. She is married to a Stanwood native and lives on the family farm. They have 3 children.

In her free time she enjoys being a coach or spectator at her kid’s activities, crafting, cooking & playing women’s softball.

Mrs. Breum has subbed in school districts for the past 5 years. She is so excited to finally have her own class. 

Natalie Hagglund
3 year old Teacher
Mrs. Hagglund grew up in Stanwood and lives here with her husband Ben, and 2 children and their cousin who came from Japan to live with them to attend High
Her free time is spent reading, drinking coffee, driving kids around, and
wishing someone else would do her yard work.
In addition to working as a
preschool teacher, she is a piano accompanist, merit badge counselor for Boy Scouts,
and the President of the Stanwood Camano School District Board of Directors. She also
works part time as the Executive Assistant/Scholarship Coordinator for the StanwoodCamano Area Foundation.
Mrs. Abdallah
Katherine Abdallah
3 year old Teacher

Mrs. Abdallah is a new resident of Stanwood. She moved here in 2019 with her husband, Alex.

Some of her interests are horses, writing and teaching kids of all ages about the love and work of Jesus Christ. She also assists her husband in growing OSLC’s youth ministry.

She is looking forward to teaching her first year at OSLP.